Movie of the week : Feb 27 2017


This weeks movie was just recently released. If t’s actually still in theaters. This weeks movie is Split.

Split is a thriller movie about a man named Kevin who has a condition causing him to have different personalities. He then kidnaps these three girls who try to escape his imprisonment throughout the whole film. Kevin switches between his personalities throughout the film and we watch as the different characters interact with them.

The film was both written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan who’s extremely famous for working on movies such as the Sixth Sense or Unbreakable. The cast includes James McAvoy(Kevin), Anya Taylor-Joy(Grace, one of the girls), and Betty Buckley who plays the character of Dr. Fletcher.

I don’t think it’s won any awards yet, but who knows in the future. Overall I would rate this movie as alright. It was pretty good story wise which is something a bit rare for a horror film, but it had its bad moments too. For instance the ending was extremely unexpected and very weird. In the end though it’s just another good old Manoj Shyamalan film.



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