Movie of the week : Feb 20th 2017

This weeks movie to watch is an absolute classic. Who doesn’t love Top Gun.

If you didn’t know already, Top Gun is a military drama/romance film released in 1986. It features some of Hollywoods biggest stars such as Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and Kelly Mcgillis. It was directed by the late Tony Scott (1944-2012), and written by Jim Cash an de John Epps, Jr. Who also worked on other great movies such as The Flinstones,  Anaconda, and Tv shows such as Hawaii Five-O.  The film has won a golden globe, a grammy, an academy award, and many other awards.

The plot is about a group of elite U.S. Naval Fighter pilots who  compete against one another to see who’s the best in the class. The storyline focuses on one specific pilot, “Maverick” (Tom Cruise) who has to learn to overcome challenges he is faced with and learn things that are not taught in a classroom.

This is an outstanding film that I would recommend to most.


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